Session Dates

With a number of sessions now in full swing, you can find a list of session dates below.

Stravaigan – the Tuesday night Stravaigan session runs weekly from 9pm. Setup by Cameron Grant, the TMSA supported an initial run of 10 sessions at the venue and are delighted that they are now supporting the sessions in full themselves.

Dukes Song Session – run by Josie Duncan, this session takes place once a month in Glasgow’s West End. Upcoming dates:

  • 14th May
  • 11th June
  • 9th July
  • 13th August
  • 10th September
  • 8th October
  • 12th November

MacGregor’s Bar – this Monday night session is run by fiddler, Robbie MacKenzie, in Inverness. Upcoming dates:

  • 6th May
  • 13th May
  • 20th May
  • 27th May
  • 3rd June
  • 10th June
  • 17th June
  • 24th June
  • 1st July


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